Frequently Asked Questions

Do prices include GST?


What size trees do you have?

Our smallest trees are in a 45 ltr bag which are  generally  2mtrs or more high, depending on the variety.

Our largest trees are in 1000 ltr bags and could be up to 6 mtrs high.  Please refer to your search for sizes available on specific species.

Is that height from the ground or top of the bag?

The height is measured from the top of the bag.

Do you sell anything smaller?

No. The smallest bag size we sell is a 45 ltr.

Are the bags too big to handle?

A 45 ltr bag has handles and can be lifted by one person.  Larger sizes generally require two people and/or machinery.

Do you deliver?

We will deliver locally for a fee. Most other parts of the country we can organise delivery.

Would it fit in my car?

No. A trailer is recommended. The trees are laid down, and need to be secured.

Do you plant the trees?

No. A local landscaper could do that for you. Also please refer to our planting guide.

Can we visit?

You are welcome to visit, however,  we ask that you phone first to ensure that there is someone here to help you.

Please Note all children and dogs are to stay in the vehicle.

What are the measurements of the bag, and how big do I dig the hole?

Please refer to our planting guide.

Do you supply palm trees?

Nikau palms only.